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Psychiatric Solutions provides outpatient behavioral health services to individuals in need of care, following an inpatient hospitalization stay or who are seeking to avoid one. Partial hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient services are provided on an outpatient basis where individuals return home following care each day. Services are provided in a coordinated and collaborative manner with the individual's existing therapist, psychiatrist and/or primary care provider with the intent of returning the individual to their regular provider's care following services with us. Family members and other supports are also included, as desired by the individual receiving care, to assist the individual in obtaining their desired outcomes. Additional outpatient psychiatry services are available on an ongoing basis as needed, including the use of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for individuals who have not been able to benefit from traditional medications/pharmacotherapies. Psychiatric Solutions is the only TMS provider in the greater Spokane area and utilizes evidence based practices with a proven track record to ensure the best outcomes.


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