Maurices and Evsie



About Us

We believe a great outfit can change your day.
And that finding the perfect style should be just as much fun as wearing it.
At Maurices, shopping can be more than just your free time, but the best “me time” of your day.
It’s more than just clothes, it’s about caring.
It’s about letting you know that this is your place. We are your people.
And no matter how crazy life gets, we’ve got you.
Because we believe in putting people first.
In giving back and supporting the communities we live in and love.
From our hometown to your hometown…
Real, amazing, everyday women deserve real, amazing service, every day.

Evsie is a style shop for the tween girl to help her discover her unique style in a fun, playful and supportive way with a comfortable approach to inspire confidence. Evsie is fashion, tailored for tweens with comfort-conscious apparel made for movement and ease.