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Highbridge Learning offers full day academics with multisensory, brain and body integration activities, art, science, fitness, life skills, field trips and more for k- 5th grade. Small group and 1 on 1 support is available. Highbridge owners, Jana Johnson- teacher and Cheri Johnson OccupationaL Therapist love working with children. Our center cultivates self awareness, leadership, peer teaching, visual attention, emotional regulation and self confidence through utilization of Balance- Auditory-Vision Exercises that are implemented in the academic program to optimize a students ability to learn. Typically developing students or students who have experienced learning struggles or traumatic events are able to utilize executive functions through development of the neural pathways while learning exercises that are fun and engaging. One on one after-school sessions for ages 3 to 95 are also available. Adult trainings (2 day) to learn the Bal-A-Vis-X program are available for groups. Adult trainings are attended by teachers, counselors, occupational therapist, physical therapists, parents or any one working with children or senior populations.

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  • Full day educational program with rigorous academics
  • Academics are embedded with a multi sensory/brain/body approach
  • Balavisx trainer practitioner for students and adults
  • ESL - English as a second language tutoring
  • ADHD, ADD, Autism, Learning disorders, Dyslexia, Brain Injuries, Cerbral Palsy, Down's syndrome,


Highbridge Learning. 11400 E Sprague Ave. Spokane Valley
Education embedded with a multi sensory brain and body integration approach to learning.
Balance auditory vision exercises for our brains
Highbridge students collected needed items to give to our community.
Cooking class is always a unique experience