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Our mission at Pinnacle Investigations is to provide accurate, timely, compliant background reports to aid our clients in building a safe, secure workplace. We provide education to help our clients meet their due diligence while understanding compliance and the rights of the applicant. At Pinnacle, we work in partnership with our clients and always have a trained professional available to help. We are committed to helping our staff become the best versions of themselves, and in turn, provide the highest quality service.

Pinnacle Investigations began as a Private Investigations company in 1987, providing services to employers, attorneys and individuals to supplement or provide investigation services. The need for investigation services for the purposes of hiring became evident over the years, and our expertise in searching court records provided the tools to offer this service. in 2002 we began offering background screening. Pinnacle Investigations Corp. was formed.

Today, Pinnacle Investigations is a national Consumer Reporting Agency. We provide background screening solutions for employers nationwide, from small non-profits to large energy companies, including nuclear power plants. Our backgrounds are fast, accurate and compliant and our packages are customizable to meet the specific needs of each hiring manager. We have superior customer service; our investigators are friendly and highly knowledgeable. We provide free education, compliance tools and consulting to help our clients understand the legal landscape of background checks and hiring.


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