BioPerformance Institute Physical Therapy (BPi Physical Therapy)

BioPerformance Institute Physical Therapy (BPi Physical Therapy)

About Us

North Idaho Physical Therapy / BioPerformance Institute
North Idaho Physical Therapy was founded in 1968 by the county’s first Physical Therapist, Lee Shellman, PT, and quickly became a trusted partner in returning the residents of North Idaho back to meaningful activities in a caring and cost-effective manner. Whether it was returning from a sports injury, getting back to work as a logger or miner, or simply getting back to normal activities of daily living, Lee Shellman, PT was known as the person to help you heal.

In 2001 the company changed ownership to Justin Kane, PT and grew to multiple locations within north Idaho. In 2020, the company changed its name to BioPerformance Institute and began its journey to becoming a premier provider of health optimization services. Although we have grown in locations and scope of services, it is our promise to you we will never lose the small town caring that has made us who we are.

We have locations in Spokane Valley WA, Liberty Lake WA, Kroc Center ID, Coeur D'Alene ID, Hayden ID, Post Falls ID, Rathdrum ID and Spirit Lake ID


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