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Established in 1935 by a group of Boeing employees, a small group of people wanted to help folks buy the tools they needed to get hired during the Great Depression. More than 80 years later, BECU is still guided by that credit union philosophy of “people helping people.”
BECU is a credit union – that means we are a not-for-profit operation. Unlike banks, we don't report to shareholders, who expect high returns on their investment. In fact, we don't even have shareholders – we're owned by our members and we exist solely to serve our members. What does this mean? Rather than worry about making more money, BECU spends time ensuring members spend less of their dollars. Profits made by BECU are returned to our members in the form of better rates and fewer fees. When we do charge, fees tend to be lower. And, that’s just the beginning.
Our members’ voices are a valued resource. Many of our products, services and ideas come from the members themselves! We make it a priority to listen to our members' feedback. We even conduct quarterly surveys to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty, asking, “how likely are you to recommend BECU to a friend or colleague?” In 2016, BECU's score on the survey was over 70%, well above the financial institution average of 35%.
Another way we can give back to members is giving to the community in which we live and work: You may have already noticed us around town. Philanthropy runs deep at BECU – we were founded on the very idea of helping others – and giving back is a cornerstone of our credit union.


  • • Checking & Savings: Get benefits most traditional banks may not offer, like higher interest rates and no minimum-balan
  • • Youth Banking: Smart money management starts in childhood: Receive awesome interest rates on their first $500 in depos
  • • Visa® credit card: Charging is better as a member — our Visa offers one of the lowest rates in the nation.
  • • Home Loans: Love fees? Neither do we. You may get better rates and pay fewer closing costs. BECU is an Equal Housing O
  • • Webinars & Seminars: We’re all in this together! Learn how to budget, buy a house, retire and more with our free webin


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