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All the members of the Baxter Hometeam have spent 20+ years as Spokane County residents and they all love Spokane! There’s just a certain kind of magic with the area that we live in that we hope to share with anybody we may cross paths with - a wide variety of parks, lakes and rivers, a thriving city core, unique restaurants and coffee shops, walking paths, a growing art scene, and more.

Since the team’s inception in 2017 and a combined 12+ years of real estate experience, each member has grown to be excellent in their roles and you can count on them for consistent communication, strong advocation, and helpful advice from start to finish. You’ll find our team is passionate about the big picture for our clients which includes building long-term wealth, financial security, and creating a space to thrive. There’s more to just buying or selling a home with us! We will always do our best to serve our clients according to what it is they want and help make the entire process as stress-free as possible.