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Ring in the New Year with $200 CASH!
$100 for Your Favorite Charity AND $100 for YOU!
Spokane Ranks WHERE??? 

Fake news? National Statistics say otherwise!

Our #1 Priority at Secure Pacific is to PROTECT YOU and that which you've worked hard to build. We're a little biased when we say we have the BEST ALARM SYSTEM AVAILABLE, then again it's not really bragging if we can back it up. ...which we can. 

We're the ONLY Security Alarm System in the region to offer VERIFIED service directly to the authorities for a MUCH higher probability of faster response time. 

In other words, Bad Guy breaks in -> We SEE Bad Guy right away -> We call Police IMMEDIATELY -> Higher Probability Police CATCH Bad Guy! 

Want some extra cash for the New Year? We want to give it to you! 

EVERY referral you provide who becomes another satisfied client will earn $100 cash for you AND we'll donate $100 cash to your favorite charity! How many charities can we help you with in 2019? Let us know!

Jim ReinckeRon Carpenter, or Nichole Ferguson in our Spokane office for more information
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phone: (509) 405-2236
Offer Valid: December 7, 2018January 31, 2019
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